Managing your risk 
is our business.

Since 1972 it has been Nacora's core competence to support companies in the design and building of cost-effective insurance programs.

Nacora is an independent commercial insurance broker specialising in the provision of risk consulting and commercial (marine and non-marine) insurance solutions, products and services.

Its network of offices spans thirty countries, from where Nacora deploys insurance, claims and risk management specialists serving customers in all industry sectors throughout all the major economies. Our corporate head office is situated in Schindellegi, near Zurich, Switzerland.

Owing to its heritage in the transportation industry, Nacora has unique specialist capabilities and resources in the design and management of insurance programs for the transportation and logistics industry.

Nacora provides financial strength to its business partners and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kuehne  Nagel, the global logistics provider.

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The courage to shape a better future

Leadership • Integrity • Collaboration • Accountability • Passion • Diversity • Professionalism • Personal Touch • Openness • Quality


We at Nacora have different attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that make up the unique atmosphere of a work environment. Our healthy workplace culture is positive, encourages collaboration amongst employees and aligns the behaviour of the workforce and organisational policies with strategic company objectives. 

Our work culture influences everything from office relationships, job performance, work-life balance, job satisfaction and turnover rates. 

This is why we at Nacora deliberate efforts to create and nurture a positive workplace atmosphere that allows our employees to achieve professional and personal goals while helping the company meet its objectives. 

Our Mission

  • Become a recognised leader in the provision of integrated Commercial Insurance Solutions to the logistics, trade and commerce customer segments by providing specialty and personalised service to all our customers.
  • Establish Nacora as a global expert in Marine Insurance and general commercial insurance broker to SME's in all major and emerging markets by providing specialty and personal service.

What makes us different

When it comes to insuring business risk, demand the unrivalled global insurance expertise combined with responsive, personalised, local service that only Nacora can provide.

Specialised expertise - Personal service
Let our experts analyse your risk exposure and customise an insurance solution to not only secure your business assets but maximise value by delivering best-in-class, comprehensive coverage - anywhere in the world.

With 42 owned offices in 30 countries around the globe, Nacora safeguards your business by:

  • Identifying and quantifying risk exposure
  • Controlling and reducing risk
  • Developing risk profiles
  • Minimising and controlling costs
  • Protecting human and physical assets, reputation and market share

Our Solutions

Customised insurance and risk management solutions

Nothing is more important than safeguarding your business assets and ensuring business continuity in the event of loss.

Whether you require a complete, All Risks Policy covering every aspect of your business, or balance sheet protection with alternative risk transfer mechanisms to reduce exposure, let Nacora design your customised insurance portfolio. 

  • Insurance brokering
  • Risk management consulting
  • Reinsurance placement
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Alternative risk financing
  • Group insurance
  • Financial planning
  • Loss control services
  • Specialty insurance products
Global contacts

Find your personal 
international insurance broker

When it comes to insuring business risk, demand the unrivalled global insurance expertise combined with responsive, personalized, local service that only NACORA can provide.

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